Make Money In Austin TX: How To Make $2,000+ Per Month On YouTube in 10 Easy Ways

May 7, 2017 Robin

Make Money In Austin TX


There are many choices if you want to make money In Austin TX. You can provide services, or you can sell your products. Still another option is to make your videos. Regardless of what you’re promoting online, you probably use videos in some capacity. Videos can be a way to earn more money online if you know how to make the best use of them. While you can do lots of things with your videos, the biggest potential lies with YouTube. With so many millions of viewers every day, YouTube is a potential gold mine for any marketer. So let’s find out how you can make the most of your YouTube videos, so they are as profitable as possible.

The YouTube Partner Program is something you should apply for. It will take you some time to get to this point. Need several videos actually to do this. You need thousands of views on each of the videos you have. Those of you that have lots of videos with thousands of views can benefit from joining the YouTube Partner Program. This will give you more control of your channel overall. There will be opportunities, plus you are next revenue each month. There are several things you can do such as publishing links to tip jars, plus you can do revenue-sharing by creating sponsored videos. Try your hardest to become part of this program – it will benefit you.

Your video descriptions can help get more traffic to your videos. You want them to be detailed. Make sure your description does justice to your video. This is also the place where you can put in a link to your blog or website. When the video description is well written, it makes people want to see the video. This can also serve as a kind of mini-blog where you can put in links and describe yourself and your offers a little. A good description doesn’t attempt to duplicate the whole video, but just gives people a taste and mentions the video’s primary points.



The best equipment is not always the most expensive. Smartphone cameras have been known to record perfectly acceptable videos. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into putting off your YouTube channel because you’re afraid you won’t have the money. The content will always be more important to viewers than the quality of the image. As long as the video is clear and edited well, no one cares about the camera.

The internet is heading towards sites like YouTube. They have made the process of posting and sharing media extremely simple. And it only makes sense for an internet marketer to use the system to make some money. The advice in this article is an excellent way for you to start making some money using this media sharing platform. The more time you spend creating and posting videos and working with the system, the more tactics you will be able to put together to grow your viewership and maximize your earnings. The key is to keep working at it.


Make Money In Austin TX: How To Make $2,000+ Per Month On YouTube in 10 Easy Ways

#1 Create and Upload Your Video

You will be amazed to discover when you do this that it is indeed possible to create and upload your videos to YouTube. Not only that, but you will be amazed how easy it is once you know how. First and foremost you just have to take action and make things happen. Patiently and systematically work on creating your video, and consider how you will produce it in such a way that it will attract people’s attention – beginning with a descriptive, clever title for your video.

This may not be as easy to implement as it is to describe, but it is worth the time and effort when you have finally realized that you really can make money on YouTube. A beginning strategy is just to go on YouTube and watch videos. Look for ones that get a lot of hits AND that you like. That is blending the objective analysis of the metrics with your preferences. This follows a basic tenet in success: “If you want to be successful, find a successful person and do what they are doing.”


#2 Increase the Number of Views

When you achieve your goal of making money on YouTube, it will be when you reach an ever increasing audience. The more views you can get, the greater your chances of earning significant income. You just have to build a solid network of people. Invite your friends and encourage them to ask everyone they know to view your video as well. It will ultimately become contagious, which is the meaning of viral in social media terminology. Promote your links everywhere you can have them easily clicked on, such as on social media and social networking and messenger sites and social bookmarking sites.

#3 Partner with YouTube

This is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube, to enroll in the Partnership Program. Here is where you can share revenues and enjoy the advantages YouTube offers such as sharing the quality of the video, channel options that are branded and the chance to be featured on YouTube’s homepage, where you will be able to expose your video to more viewers and therefore create more opportunities to be paid.


#4 Avail Yourself of Some Alternatives

One of the ways you can make money on YouTube is through ads. You can earn money by offering and promoting a certain product – talk about its benefits and very likely you can attract money.

Partnering With YouTube

After Google purchased YouTube, advertising has become an essential part of this site. Now Google lets you place ads in your video where you get paid by the number of clicks just like in the AdSense program. You can become a YouTube partner quite easily. In Google search for YouTube partner and you will be able to quickly join YouTube partner program. You’ll need to have a G-mail or YouTube account to sign in and then you’ll be filling out an application to have your site approved.

After approval of your site, all you have to do is post videos on YouTube where people can opt into the partner network. This is one of the least complicated ways to make money on YouTube.

#5 Marketing Your Web Site

YouTube is a great way to promote your site. All you will be doing is posting a video on YouTube with a link to your site in your bio section. These videos will be specially created to furnish information on your niche and develop your brand awareness that you can cash in later. Once you learn to make money from YouTube then this will become one of your most common tools to create traffic.

#6.YouTube Rentals

YouTube Rentals was introduced earlier this year. What you are doing is charging a fee/rent for anybody to see your videos. If you give seminars or you produce multiple viral videos, you can now charge a rental fee for your viewers to see each video in your series. This is a wonderful money maker for anyone that has any video content to sell.

Make Money In Austin TX 2

Make Money In Austin TX


#7 Great Way to Collect Email Addresses

Email marketing is one of the most valuable ways of all online money making and YouTube can be a tremendously useful tool for it. Though it is not possible to place an opt-in capture form on YouTube itself, but you can place a watermark on your video or a link in your bio that points to your squeeze page.

With this strategy you are not directly making money with your videos. All those email addresses you have collected through your videos are like checks which you can cash in later in your internet marketing. In Internet Marketing world it is said that each eMail address is worth $1. Don’t be surprised if you eventually build a list of tens of thousands of email addresses.

#8 Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have your own product to sell, then Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to start making money on YouTube. For this method, you’ll need a simple video editing tool that will allow you to add a watermark to the videos you upload. All you will be doing is creating your own videos with basic information, techniques and tips and then nudging visitors to go to your site to buy a more completed product.


#9 Collecting Email Addresses

One of the most common ways to make money online is through email marketing, and YouTube has emerged as one of the most helpful paths to success. You may not be able to put an opt-in capture form directly onto YouTube, but you have other options, such as putting a link in your biography or a watermark on your video that directs people to a squeeze page. So this is yet another way to make money on YouTube. Remember, it isn’t your videos themselves that are making you money. But the email addresses that you bring in are as valuable as any profit you might make from your video since they can be the source of income in the future.


$10 Renting Videos on YouTube

Google recently came out with an idea for a new rental system that will soon go into effect. In the new plan, people who give seminars or who produce numerous viral videos will be able to charge rental fees for every video that is viewed. Considering that the amount of video content is steadily increasing and the quality of these videos is improving, there’s plenty of money to be made for people with outstanding video products to sell.


No matter what your condition, there is something you can do to make money In Austin TX. For more information about making money on YouTube, Click make money.
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