YouTube Online Videos Success: Start Making Money From YouTube Step By Step

March 19, 2017 Robin

YouTube Online Videos Success

In our present days, YouTube is the premier site for free video hosting for your business promotion as well as a home based business. Just create an account, upload your clips, and you’ve officially joined the online video community! According to some estimates, there are now well over 100 million videos on YouTube.

You can also upload your business videos to these video streaming sites. If you don’t have the proper knowledge and you are uploading videos first time on YouTube or other video streaming sites, then you need to follow simple steps to it. There is no need to learn professional skills for it. People with little knowledge of computer also successfully make their videos and upload on YouTube or sites.

To start with, one requires a video recording device. These video recording devices come in various formats. You can use cell phones, webcams, and an ideal camera for the recording of videos. After recording the videos, you can upload the videos on these sites by selecting the particular categories. Popular videos on YouTube includes different categories like video blogs, YouTube funny video clips, how to videos on YouTube or other different videos. You also need to remember that YouTube does not limit the uploading of some video clips but the time limit of the video. Your allowed to upload only those videos that have a period of ten minutes or less. But if you want that your videos be longer more than ten minutes then you need to upgrade your account, for this, you have a traditional membership account, or you should submit your videos in another segment.

Whenever you are making videos for YouTube, it is necessary that the quality of the content in the video must be good like voice, picture quality. Also whenever you are making videos for YouTube make sure that there is proper lighting, for this you should make the videos in the daytime. If you want to make movies at night, whether inside or outside ensure that there is proper lighting because it is a bad experience to watch a video which is hard to see. However, this is not the major issue. You can fix these problems by using different editing software. By using this editing software, you can make appropriate changes before uploading them.

You can upload your videos very fast just in few seconds, for this you need to check the few things. First, your internet connection is fine. Then you should ensure that your Flesh Player installed and opened correctly. By using these few steps, you can upload your videos in few seconds but once you need to look it at least once before uploading.

The following are tips for getting your video to stand out among so many others:

Get Found.

YouTube has its search engine at the top of its home page, which allows visitors to find clips about virtually any topic. When you upload your video, you’ll be able to attach “keywords” to it, so you’re more easily found in this search engine. You’ll want to include many related keywords, so you’ll have the best chance at landing in someone’s search results. Also, consider alternate spellings! If your company is named “Mpyre Computer Ninjas” you’ll want to include “Empire” as well.

Grab Attention.

Your YouTube video will have a “thumbnail” which is a single, still, frame from within your video. YouTube will randomly grab several frames, and let you choose which one to use as your thumbnail. If you don’t select, it will pick one for you. This is a missed opportunity! Be sure to choose the most eye-catching one. Even if someone isn’t searching for your video, that one thumbnail might be enough to pique their curiosity and get them to click “Play.”

YouTube’s Unique Features.

Because YouTube is solely dedicated to online videos, it offers features most other networking sites don’t:


YouTube lets insert your clips directly into your web page. Why is this key? Otherwise, you may have to purchase additional space from your host to upload such large files onto your site. YouTube does it for free.



YouTube is intertwined with so many other networking sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter that when you post or like a video on YouTube, you can easily and quickly update your other sites about this new post.


YouTube counts how many times your video has been viewed, whether it’s through Facebook or your website.

YouTube is a powerful place in the online community. Knowing how to work it to your best advantage can help you find a home in the vast world of the internet.

Video sharing sites like YouTube, Viddler, Revver, etc. are increasing in popularity and have millions of people sharing and watching videos made by individuals around the world. But, these video sites are not just for funny things like watching people fall off skateboards or play ping-pong in animal costumes! They can and should be used by businesses of all sizes to promote their business, educate their prospects and customers, and most importantly, build trust!
The reason the online video is so powerful for business is that it is the next best thing to meeting someone in person. It is much easier to build trust with video than with text or even audio. Imagine if you were trying to decide between two hair salons, and one had a website with just text, and the other had a video with a quick tour of the salon, and a message from the owner. Now, which hair salon are you going to visit first?! The one with the video, of course, because you have now seen the salon and “met” the owner, so you’re more comfortable there. Always keep in mind that trust = sales, and video = trust!
Regarding shooting videos, no problem, just use any digital camera with video capability, shoot some 1-2 minutes videos about current promotions, the benefits of your product or service, or anything you think customers would like to know about.
Then, you can create an account and profile at a site like for free, and upload more video there than you would ever need to promote your business, also for free. Ensure that you provide your profile information including your business’s website so that it is easy for people who find your videos on YouTube to visit your website.
Now, for the cool part, you can very easily get your videos that are up on YouTube to show up on your company’s blog or website, also for free! Once you upload a video to YouTube, on the upper right, hover over your account name, then click on “My Videos” on the drop down menu that appears. Then, click on the video you want to have shown up on your website, and it will take you to a site featuring that video. On the right side will be a field called “Embed” with a bunch of code in the field. You just need to copy all this code, and then paste it into your website or blog, wherever you want the video to show up.

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